September 14, 2007



Or this?

I think we can all let out a collective groan now that freakin' John Stewart has been officially hired as the host of next year's 80th annual Academy Awards. How crap is that? After years of lucky-dip hosting (three different hosts in three years) they had finally stumbled across one (Ellen Degeneres) who everyone seemed remotely pleased with. Sure, she wasn't brazenly political or un-PC or whathaveyou, but she was funny and easy to watch and, most of all, wasn't awkward. And then they seemingly dumped her (I doubt that Ellen would refuse if offered) for the guy that hosted the secondly lowest rating Oscar show in history (if my memory serves me well).


And an in election year too? Christ! I can already predict 95% of the jokes right now. Gil Cates, the awards producer, has been quotes as saying "Jon was a terrific host for the 78th Awards. He is smart, quick, funny, loves movies and is a great guy. What else could one ask for?" Which begs the question... why didn't you ask him back last year?

Still, at least it's not Chris "I'm black and you aren't" Rock. That woulda been cause for even bigger alarm.

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J.D. said...

God, I hated the 2004 show. THANK GOD they immediately realized the errors of their ways.

And I'm surprised no one's said this yet, but, and although I'm alone in saying I liked it... think of his first hosting's Best Picture. Yeah.

par3182 said...

as much as i love ellen i love jon stewart more. anyone who can diss the oscars during the show ("i can't wait for the montage about montages") is ok by me. the best actress attack ads were my favourite 'bit' of the past few years

plus this: "bjork couldn't be here tonight; she was trying on her oscar dress and dick cheney shot her"

David said...

I love Ellen. Gutted :(

Kamikaze Camel said...

Par, you have reminded me of some choice moments... but

I just don't get what Jon Stewart has to do with movies. And, really, if they wanna keep the running time short then maybe they would axe 75% of the comedy sketches.

Paxton Hernandez said...


Bring ELLEN BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!