September 8, 2007


Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I'm tres busy with movie watching, work, friends and family members in hospital, napping, general social activities and the like. On Monday I'll have write ups from the last of my AFI screenings including the much anticipated Rogue from Wolf Creek director Greg McLean. I'm seeing the highly-touted arthouse box-office phenom The Jammed on Tuesday and will have some words on that. Plus I will finally get around to starting that countdown thing I've been mentioning in bits and pieces for the last few weeks.

I also saw Ratatouille tonight and it's very good. I'm seeing Hairspray next week IN GOLD CLASS and I'm very very excited - my two big anticipated "summer" movies finally arriving. Yay.

I did get to meet Paul from Melbourne Film Blog today at the AFI screening of (the horrendous) West, so that was pretty awesome. How horrendous is West? Quite horrendous, actually. So "quite horrendous" in fact that I thought to myself "Fuck it! I'm giving it an F!" because I can't think of one redeeming feature about it other than "Khan Chittenden has nice stubble." Which he does. And that's about it.

Anyway, until I get to write something again here is the new Sugababes video. It's for the song "About You Now", which I've discussed earlier, from their upcoming album Change. It's.. umm... well, it's better than the "Song 4 Mutya" video, so it's got that going for it. And the three 'babes look good (Ammelle especially). I'm not really sure what anything in the video has to do with anything else though. And there's bits in the song that aren't in the radio version. Annoying? Yes. I had learned the song back-to-front and then they go and change it up on me. THANKS A LOT!


Adem IAR said...

For someone who isn't a fan of animated films, I'm actually looking forward to catching Ratatoullie. I think seeing Surf's Up (REALLY REALLY CUTE AND SURPRISINGLY FUNNNY!) has given the genre a new lease of life in my eyes.

Catherine said...

I initially read your post as saying the new Sugababes song is better than "Song 4 Mutya" and I just about fell off my chair. :( I guess you're just talking about the film, yeah? know....the new Sugababes ain't the greatest.

Kamikaze Camel said...

No, definitely only the video. The video for "Song 4 Mutya" was a disaster.