September 18, 2007

Random Emmy Observation

The Emmys were, as usual, a waste of time. Thankfully channel 10 down here edited it down into a convenient one-and-a-half hour package as opposed to the usual three hour monstrosity. I used to like the Emmys, but not anymore. The main reason being, essentially, that I don't watch any of the shows nominated and the shows I do watch are almost routinely ignored - although Heroes and Ugly Betty were in the race this year and Kyra Sedgwick was nominated, but other than that? I don't watch The Sopranos, The Office, House, 30 Rock (it's not even screened down here), Entourage, Two and a Half Men (does anybody watch this? I can't fathom how it even gets nominated year after year), Lost and while I do watch Grey's Anatomy by the third season finale I had grown to sort of hate it and I'm not sure if I will continue watching it.

But, curious observation: The eight acting awards (two lead and two supporting categories for both comedy and drama) all went to people from eight different shows. And of the eight shows that won acting awards none of them won the Emmy top honour of Best Drama or Best Comedy - The Sopranos and 30 Rock didn't win any acting awards.

And then even curiouser and curiouser, if you check out the extremely incredibly incomprehensively long list of winners the Emmy for "Best Casting in a Drama Series" went to... Friday Night Lights! A show that was neither nominated for Best Drama Series, nor even nominated for any acting categories. Apparently Friday Night Lights is good? It's not screened in Australia, but I doubt I would watch it - I'm allergic to American football. At least Ugly Betty, which won Best Actress in a Comedy for America Ferrara, won Best Casting in a Comedy Series.

Speaking of the cast of Ugly Betty, doesn't it boggle your mind that an awards group who bestowed Emmy upon Emmy to the supporting casts of Will & Grace and Everybody Loves Raymond didn't fall absolutely head-over-heals for the supporting cast of Ugly Betty. Hello! Betty is, like, the least interesting part of that show - it's all about Mark, Amanda, Wilhemina, Hilda and Justin thank you very much. Two and a Half Men gets two Supporting Acress in a Comedy nominations and Ugly Betty only gets one(!!) Christ.

Also, way to go on Kathy Griffin winning an Emmy, and also to the South Park people, winning for Best Animated Program.

So, in conclusion, the Emmys are stupid and a waste of time. Bring on the Golden Globes and then the Academy Awards! eeeee!


JA said...

I don't watch Friday Night Lights - hell, nobody does - but it's got an extremely vocal critical fanbase - those few people who do watch it seem to argue it's one of the absolute best shows on TV. Like you, the whole football aspect has kept me away, but it's apparently about much more. Eh, I watch too much already.

I would like Ugly Betty much more if one of their gays wasn't igniting my eyebrows with their flaming every time they walked onscreen. Just one! I get it exists in some hyper-other-reality where everyone's a caricature, but it grows wearisome.

Paxton Hernandez said...

It's a shame Australia doesn't get 30 Rock. It's freaking smart and hilarious.

Bring back the Golden Globes? Seriously? I consider them as stupid as the Emmys :P

Kamikaze Camel said...

Pax, MOVIE STARS! I couldn't care less about the tv awards or, hell, even the movie awards that much but it's all the beautiful movie stars.

Ja, I would be a bit peeved at the constant "flaming" of the gay characters, but - as you alluded to - every single character is a charactature and a joke about their stereotype. It's equal opportunist comedy! I basically only watch it though because it's one of the very few shows on TV at the moment that is both good and that I can legitimatelly switch off my brain while watching it on a Sunday night. I don't need to follow labyrinthian plot lines and stories and I can just look at the pretty colours and the clothes (hi, I'm gay) and enjoy the acting.

I wasn't a fan of Justin at first, but have grown to love him. He's a cutie pie.

par3182 said...

don't wait for the useless local networks to screen great shows like 30 rock and flight of the conchords; somebody went to all the trouble of inventing bittorrent - you owe it to them to watch these shows on the download

Simon A said...

I'm gonna give Friday Night Lights a go, just because of how much of a good wrap it gets from the few people who watch it. Plus, Rob Thomas (not the lame one, the awesome one who invented Veronica Mars) was considering becoming its showrunner.

And from the little I've seen of 30 Rock... it's amusing, but I like The Office a lot more. And Ugly Betty is kind of fun... but it's not a comedy! I have the same issue with how Desperate Housewives kept getting nominated in that category.

Also, Mary Louise Parker: ROBBED!

(Also death to Two and a Half Men.)