September 25, 2007

When Harry Met Helen(?)

Go Fug Yourself alerted me to something (and it's not that Helen Mirren is amazing and sexy, I already knew that). So I ask this of you guys, surely some of whom have read the final Harry Potter book (which I have not). Is there a role in The Deathly Hallows for Ms Mirren or is she going to be the only British actor to not have any part in the series.

I haven't read the books - I'm an unedumacated person and prefer visuals, sorry book-o-philes(?) - but think it would be kind of cool if Helen Mirren showed up in the final film of the series. Or, how about Judi Dench? That'd be pretty darn awesome, I would think. If there aren't any roles for them can we drag them up? British people love that, right?

I never did mention what I thought about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I'm not feeling terribly wordy about the subject right now either, but I will say this - I liked it. I quite liked it, actually. Definitely my second favourite of the series after the kind of amazing Prisoner of Azkaban. The director (somebody Yates) surprised me. The visual effects just keep getting better with each passing film, some of the set-pieces were really great - the scene with all those crystal-ball-esque things was darn good (the hall of mysteries?) - and it's always a blast to see people like Imelda Staunton. B

***Can I just point out that when I was googling Helen Mirren (how rude does that sound?) for a picture to use in this entry the second image that came up was this. Yowza! It's, er, NTFW folks***


J.D. said...

That would be quite awesome.

jessica said...

There might be some smaller roles, but I can't think of any major roles left that she could play (unless I'm blanking on something...). But she could always have a cameo ala Julie Christie or John Hurt.