August 7, 2007

Happy Birthday to "The Next Big Thing"

Today is the 25th birthday of, depending on who you read, the next big thing to come from these fertile movie star shores - Abbie Cornish. Here she is to the left looking all dreamy in blue light from her breakthrough performance, Cate Shortland's endearingly offkilter Somersault. After also starring with Heath Ledger in last year's drug drama Candy she has the upcoming sequel to Elizabeth in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, which is getting mightily big buzz and many are predicting she's Oscar bound. She also has Kimberley Pierce's Stop Loss - finally following up the Oscar-winning Boys Don't Cry. It was also the film that started those nasty (and seemingly non-evolved) rumours that she was the reason for the breakup of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe's marriage.

Also on Cornish's agenda is Jane Campion's latest Bright Star, which could be amazing and perhaps the chance of being a "Bond Girl" in the 22nd James Bond feature. Busy actress that she is I'm sure she'll have time to blow out some candles and eat a slice of cake. She has four AFI nominations to her name, including wins for Wildside and Somersault and two FCCAA awards for Somersault and Candy. Needless to say, she's one to watch!

Happy Birthday to her! Check out, below, the American trailer for Somersault.


Kendra said...

Happy birthday to Abbie, she was great in "Candy"!

rural juror said...

From what I've heard...her part in The Golden Age is rather small. She also denied the Bond rumors (or rather, her people did), but that means nothing nowadays.