August 7, 2007

Can't Touch This Idol

Yay! Ricki-Lee Coulter is back! Here's the skinny - I love me some Ricki-Lee. It's true. She was definitely my favourite Australian Idol contestant ever (and probably the best, period) and her shock eviction still makes me wonder about the voting public (as does pretty much every decision they make). Coulter was in the second series of the show. In 2005 she released her debut album entitled Ricki-Lee, which was one of the most underrated releases of the year. It featured a stretch of singles including "Hell No!", "Sunshine" and "Breath" that were all quite popular, but the album failed to ignite.

She then joined the group "Young Divas" that was made up of other Idol contestants Paulini (series one), Emily (series three) and Kate (series three winner) who each sung together on a bunch of disco covers. At least it gave her a hit! She promptly quit the group - thank god - to concentrate on her solo career.

She's back now with a new single called "Can't Touch It" from her upcoming album Brand New Day. It's a great little funky pop song and the video clip below is fun. I like the inclusion of fellow Idol castoff and current Neighbours star Dan... Murphy? I can't remember what his name is. But I'm sure that's him behind the bar.

Fun fact - I am only three days younger than Ricki-Lee! She was born on October 10 1985, whereas I was born October 13. Crazy. Enjoy the "Can't Touch It" clip below.

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