August 28, 2007

Glenn Sez: Delta Goodrem, The Veronicas, Australian Idol, Silverchair

Hi folks, Glenn here. I thought I'd get back to doing group music posts like this instead of multiple entries about how awesome the new Sugababes/Girls Aloud/Robyn songs are (even though they totally deserve their own entries, but whatev).

First up on the agenda is Delta Goodrem. Delta and I have a troubled history. Could I hate "Born to Try" any more? Perhaps, but I do really dislike that song. I'm not that big a fan of stuff like "Almost Here" and such, but then she also has some amazing songs like "Mistaken Identity", "Out of the Blue", "Will You Fall For Me" and such. So it was with bated optimism that I listened to her new song "In This Life" on her MySpace profile and it's quite good. The chorus is particularly stunning. If this is an indication of her new album (which apparently has a fresher sound? You see she's not suffering from cancer anymore so she can be light and fun but definitely not when she had cancer. No way. cause "Out Of The Blue" was all doom and gloom?) Here's hoping the album is alright. Still, how will she ever beat "Mistaken Identity"?

Moving on to The Veronicas (we have a very Australian theme tonight, don't we gals and gents?) who had dumped the guitars from there quite great debut album The Secret Life Of... and have jumped onto the '80s synth bandwagon with their new track "Hook Me Up" (available on iTunes folks). It's really quite great. We know that Adem at I'm Always Right (a fellow Geelongian btw) loves it. It's no "4ever" or even "Revolution", but it's better than quite a few of the previous album's non-singles. I whole-heartedly nod my head in appreciation. Shame about the terrible single sleeve though.

Moving on to Australian Idol, which I have begrudgingly been watching this year because there is nothing else on television. There's seriously maybe two other shows I need to watch every week. So far this year's season has been sorta lame with a whole lot of acoustic guitar playing by solumb sensitive guys who wear scarves and skinny-leg jeans and a lot of acoustic guitar playing by solumb girls with straight hair and who wear cute white/off-white tops and sing in whispered tones and sound a little like Jewel. Standout Husni - who was like some weird extra terrestrial combination of Prince, George Michael, Madonna and Diana Ross (he's not camp at all) wasn't voted into the final 12, but that Corby kid has and he'll be there until the end because the teeny girls wanna lose their virginity to him (or they wanna pretend they still have their virginity so they can lose it to him) and Jacob fuckin' Butler who was a part of that other TV singing contest/biggest tv debacle ever X Factor. Yawn. Of the girls that featured last night I loved Tarasai and Cheray.

I won't be discussing Idol much (thankfully) because the best man for the job is already doing so. I speak of anagram-loving Scott at Scott to be Certain. He already has detailed/hilarious commentary on all the episodes as well as a top 20 Idol performances countdown and much more. He's amazing. Unlike Daniel Husnif.

Lastly, have we found the best music video of 2007? Perhaps we have in the form of "If You Keep Losing Sleep" by Silverchair (watch it below on MySpace video, I hope the code works!) It's like the opening scenes of Moulin Rouge! mixed with Rocky Horror Picture Show, some of Tod Browning's Freaks and Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love". Sound great? It is. Plus, the song is pretty cool too!

If You Keep Losing Sleep

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Paul Martin said...

Did you see Delta on Enough Rope last night, Glenn? I found it painful and couldn't stay to watch it. The woman is so self-absorbed, she's been groomed her whole life for stardom by her mother. The big hair, the manufactured teeth, the plastic smile, it was all so fake. I don't know what her music is like - it doesn't really interest me - but this star business is really quite tragic.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh I don't care for her. Christ, she's too "oh, me? I can't believe people want to listen to my music!"

I didn't watch Enough Rope, needless to say.