August 24, 2007

Ang, NC17

Holy shit! I'm heading out in a bit but I wanted to mention this first.

Ang Lee's Lust, Caution has been rated NC17 in America and Focus aren't objecting! This is the same Lust, Caution that is (apparently) gunning for Oscar notices. How will this effect it? Quite possibly a lot. Or it could be used as an example, as if to say "we'll still see your movie if it's NC17 but only if it's good". Still, that's crazy. Source (Awards Daily).


RC said...

wow...that's way crazy...sounds like Ang wants to make some waves (or perhaps get ignored) with this one.

adam k. said...

I doubt this thing's getting near oscar. It's foreign and NC-17, and Ang just won. They have no obligation to honor him; they just got him over with. I'd say it'd best shot is best director, but again, Ang just won.

Makes sense for him to go in this direction. If you'd just finally won your oscar but simultaneously been DISSED by the fools who didn't vote for Brokeback, you'd probably go and make an NC-17 Asian film, too.

You don't need them, Ang. Good for you.

J.D. said...

NC-17?!? God hates me some times.

Anonymous said...

Dammit, so much for this showing in my theater. This was high up on my must see list too.

rural juror said...

I don't have anything to complain anticipation for this kind of just leaped. Sounds like Ang Leee made the movie EXACTLY how he wanted. I'll for sure be seeing it.