July 7, 2007

Things To Say And Do

I know Emma's blog-a-thon is for the 7th of July (07/07/07!) but I am swamped today so I will be doing it tomorrow (er, the 8th). I'm sure it'll still be the 7th in England by the time I do. And if not, well, Emma will have to be like Mandy Moore and learn how to deal, alright! My pick for the performance that changed my life is totally amazing though! You'll never guess who!! It's totally not anyone I would expect anybody to write about. Especially when it comes to performances that have "changed your life". I finish work at 10.30 tomorrow morning (6.30 starts are a killer) so when I get home I'll jump right on here and type it up.

Also, I know I've been tagged, like, three times this last week so I intend to do them as well. And I need to update my sidebar because I haven't changed it in a few weeks. I also need to do a half-way review of music (not enough movies to do one for that). You already know what the best song and the best album so far have been, but it'll be fun and a good reference point (plus, I haven't lead any of you guys down the hypnotic garden park of Hilary Duff's Dignity album!)

But, as of right now, I need to get ready to go out. Damn having a social life. Damn it straight to hell! :P

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