July 8, 2007

The Meme That Won't Die!!!

This is now the third time I've been tagged for that meme where you have yo reveal 8 facts about myself. Geez.

1. My worst birthday ever was when I turned 19 and I had Bells Palsy. On my actual birthday I couldn't eat anything because I had to go to hospital and get scans on my brain. I was majorly down in the dumps that day. Bells Palsy is not something fun to have.

2. I have a framed copy of Prince's Purple Rain on vinyl hanging on my wall.

3. I'm allergic to hazlenuts and walnuts. I go into anaphylaxis (specifically angioedema) whenever I come into contact with them.

4. My favourite flavour of Baskin Robbins ice-cream is Chocolate Mousse Royale.

5. I'm really into Dignity by Hilary Duff at the moment. It's better than the last album by Paul McCartney, thank you very much.

6. Earlier today I had a really great nap. It was the greatest moment of all time.

7. I love Chloe Sevigny and two years ago I saw her walking down a Melbourne street. She was in town for the Melbourne Cup and she was in the city doing shopping and she was surrounded by guards and I saw her and I nearly yelled out at her, but I chose not to.

8. Bride of Chucky is hilarious and if you don't like it then you're dead inside.

I'm not tagging anyone (again), because I don't want to inflict that on people.


J.D. said...

Hehe, Hilary Duff is better than Paul McCartney is something I thought I'd never hear, lol.

[ Can you tag me? I really want to do this again, and I feel lonely that I was only tagged twice... :( ]

Culture Snob said...


My apologies for ganging up on you. You owe me one -- something mean, I mean.

Ali said...

1. You poor guy, that must have been a crummy birthday indeed - are you still struggling with Bells Palsy?

3. How do you LIVE? I'm having crackers with walnut oil right now and it's amazing. Yes I'm strange, but as a vegan you have to be inventive with your food choices.

5. "With Love" isn't too bad, I'll say that much.

6. I need to start taking more naps, they're so refreshing. Certainly better than sleeping, which you can't really *enjoy* because it's so habitual.

7. I like the Sevigny, but it's so frustrating seeing her typecast as the bitch. Even on "Big Love", she has that lingering meanie edge...

8. Have you seen Seed of Chucky? That one is even better.

Kamikaze Camel said...

1. No, but I had it as a kid and then again at 18/19 so I guess it could come back at any time.

3. I need to be careful about desserts, mostly.

5. "Dignity" (the song) is better. As is "Outside of You".

6. Naps are the best thing ever.

7. The Sevigny's best performance (in my eyes) is Amercan Psycho. Not a bitch role. Her blowjob skills in Brown Bunny were funny too, I guess.

8. No, I haven't and I could kick myself every time I realise this.

Okay, that's it - Seed of Chucky to the top of the DVD queue.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh, and CN, it wasn't just you!