July 30, 2007

RIP Ingmar Bergman

This one is a loss! This is just like Robert Altman last year, no doubt. Reports are coming in that Bergman has died in his home country of Sweden. This news is so fresh that the story at NineMSN is incredibly brief and IMDb doesn't have anything up yet.

It's sad that we've lost another legend of cinema in the form of Bergman. I haven't seen more than half of his work, but the films I have seen are mostly great (I'm not a fan of his early Sawdust and Tinsel) - films like Persona, Fanny and Alexander, Dreams... the list goes on. You just know Woody Allen is going to be mourning, too. Shame that, unlike Altman, Bergman never even got an honourary Academy Award despite being nominated for nine, his most recent of which were duel nominations for writing and directing the epic Fanny and Alexander.

His most recent film was Saraband, which was a sequel to Scenes from a Marriage, a film I liked but not like some of the others - and I haven't even seen The Seventh Seal, Cries and Whispers or Wild Strawberries - they're all on my DVD queue, but are hanging around the #40 mark so I may have to push them up a bit higher do you think?

This is a sad loss for cinema, but he won't be forgotten at all.


JA said...

See Cries and Whispers Glenn like right away.

John T said...

I was just going to say see the 1957 duo of Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries immediately. I once had the great pleasure of seeing Wild Strawberries on the big screen (and it was my first Bergman film). I've been hooked ever since.

J.D. said...