July 19, 2007

I Now Pronounce You Strange Bedfellows

It utterly amazes me that this is only just now making it into press considering I wrote about it back in February. It regards the new Adam Sandler and Obligatory Fat Guy Kevin James film I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and now the plot is an exact ripoff of an Australian movie from a few years back called Strange Bedfellows, which starred Paul Hogan as the reluctant-to-go-gay Adam Sandler role and Michael Caton as the let's-do-it-for-the-benefits Obligatory Fat Guy Kevin James role. They were even firefighters in Strange Bedfellows! Or, at least, voluntary firefighters. Or something. I don't really remember (nor do I care to, either).

But, yes, only now has anybody actually cottoned on to the fact that this big American movie is actually an unofficial remake or something. Towleroad reports on an article from a Queensland paper, The Brisbane Times, which has a quote from Bedfellows director Dean Murphy (who subsequently hasn't made anything since, even though it was the highest grossing Australian film of 2004).

"While he is yet to see the new movie, Murphy said he was struck by the similarities when he saw the trailer on the weekend. He heard other cinemagoers mention Strange Bedfellows as the trailer screened. Murphy has also been receiving emails every day saying Chuck and Larry seems like exactly the same film. 'It's obviously annoying if they have ripped the film off but until we see it, it's so hard to know,' he said. The American distributor of Strange Bedfellows is looking at possible copyright infringement. 'I don't think they've seen the other film yet but … they're going to have a careful look at it and see if there have been any breaches,' Murphy said."

The difference between the films is that the marketing for Bedfellows focused on the hilarity of seeing Hogan and Caton emerging themselves in gay culture (Hogan wearing assless leather chaps) while a dance remix of Debbie Harry's "I Want That Man" played. With Chuck and Larry they seem to be focusing of Obligatory Fat Guy Kevin James being a miserable sod and Adam Sandler being really straight with Jessica Beil. Classy both ways, really.

If this review over at I Hate Renee Zellweger is any indication (which I think I may) then Chuck and Larry is just as crass and tasteless as Strange Bedfellows. Yes, a lot of gay men embrace the camp-side of the culture, but a lot of gay men don't, yet still have a strong place in the GLBT community (just because you use gay.com to hookup with men and not The Peel doesn't mean you're "non-scene" by the way).

In the end they both just seem to be as bad as each other, but as that review mentions the makers probably don't think we care because we're too busy with the latest flouncy musical or Golden Girls marathon.

BTW, I write "Obligatory Fat Guy" because fat guys are hilarious (clearly) and are of constant source of amusement in American comedies. Right? Right!


j said...

hollywood elsewhere's talkback talked about the similarities briefly, and wells also talked about Alexander Payne's involvement with the chuck and larry script (which apparently has been floating around for a few years).

zooplah said...

BTW, I write "Obligatory Fat Guy" because fat guys are hilarious (clearly)

It's true. People often remark about how funny I am. I'm not sure why skinny guys aren't funny, but they apparently just aren't.