February 10, 2006

When is a remake not actually a remake but just a complete and utter robbery of someone else's idea?

I'm sorry, but WHAT THE FUCK?!

Okay, I know Hollywood is running out of ideas and is resorting to remaking movies from other countries (popular right now? Anything Asia!). However, now it appears they're not even acknowledging that they're remaking shit!

This is the description of the new Adam Sandler movie called I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

"The film will star Sandler and James and [sic] firemen who pose as a married gay couple in order to become eligible for "domestic partner" health benefits."

It then goes on to say "The script was written by Oscar winners Alexander Payne and James Taylor (SIDEWAYS, ELECTION) and David Dobkin (WEDDING CRASHERS) will direct."

Okay, then you can head right on over to the IMDb page for a (quite awful) Australian movie called Strange Bedfellows starring Paul Hogan and Michael Caton. The plot of that little movie?

"Two 'very straight' old timers (Hogan and Caton) have to learn how to pass as a loving gay couple after falsely claiming same-sex status to take advantage of newly leglislated tax laws."

The characters in Strange Bedfellows are even firefighters for cryin' out loud! The American movie doesn't have an IMDb page so I can't see whether they actually are claiming this to be original, but if they are somebody should get sued, big time.

I'm watching The Grammies right now. As much as I think the nominees were some of the absolute worst ever (and that's saying something for the Grammies), but the winners have been... satisfactory. Well done to them for awarding U2's marvelous How To Disable an Atomic Bomb as well as the brilliant "Sometimes You Can't Make it On Your Own" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day and not being dull and giving their album prize to Mariah Carey (as much as I like the album) or someone like that. And, yay, Kanye West didn't win Record of the Year. Although I would've liked "We Belong Together" by Mariah to win something cause that was one of my top 5 fave songs of last year. The album was NOT Album of the year worthy.

But what can we say about an organisation that ignores Antony and the Johnsons, MIA, Martha Wainwright, The White Stripes (all bar one award) etc.

Best performance of the night? Without a doubt that would be Kanye West and (shock) Jamie Foxx. Now THAT was fun. Then there was Madonna followed closely by (this one amazed me) Paul McCartney! Wow. Psychadelic.

Now I need to get up in 7 hours for work (6.30am start, blech) so I better try and get some sleep.

BTW what's up with SO MANY people being recipients of the Grammy Career Achievment award? Like... whoa.

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