February 10, 2006

Ring of Fire

Walk the Line (2005, dir. Mangold) - Nice film. Sort of buckles when there is either a) no music, or b) no Reese. Fantastic music, and Reese is excellent in the role. Joaquin also impressed - but it is rare that he doesn't. The flashback scenes at the start gave me a bad feeling (I felt it was Ray all over again, eep) but certainly improved when Johnny started singing. My grade is probably a tad too harsh - I think it will improve with time. B-


damian b. said...

i had that same Ray feeling of been-there-done-that. But in the end I liked it a lot better.

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Over and out.


Kamikaze Camel said...

Ray was AWFUL. C- from me.

adam k. said...

I was feeling Ray all over again right up until Reese appeared and then BOOM, it was a different movie. And I was like "oh, OK, I get it now". Loved it from then on.

She really took it to a whole other level.