July 24, 2007

Don't Act Like I Never Told Ya

So, apologies must go out because I can guarantee that postings may be lighter than normal over the next few weeks. I have a lot on these next few weeks as opposed to usual, which is nothing. I have two film festivals between now and the end of August, I have concerts (Sarah Blasko tonight omg!), birthdays, social engagements, I'm going away for a few days to the Grampians (which means I had to change some of my MIFF screenings, sadly) plus work and other things like that so I may not be constantly in the mood, ya know?

I'll try and update things whenever I can/want. I'm going to keep an entry towards the top of my thoughts on the 13 films I'm seeing at MIFF, plus the films I see at the AFI festival (the one where I get to see all the Australian films released this year). So I'll be around, but just know that if I don't post for a few days it's because I have a life (and you, perhaps, do not, which is why you're checking here every day. Am I right? AM I RIGHT?.

I kid, I kid.

To make up for it here is the video for Kanye West's new (amazing) song called "Stronger", which I'm sure you're already seen many times and are addicted to. Not only does the video have Kanye in full on Akira mode (amazing) there's the fact that the song is brilliant and, possibly, the best thing he's ever done. A lot of that brilliant must be conceded by Kanye though because of the sample used. There are five words that I can use to sum up why this song is so amazing.


Uh-huh. Who knew "Bigger Better Faster Stronger" would prove to be even more amazing?!

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