June 11, 2007

Well Played? Bad Poster? You Decide!

I can't come to a conclusion about the new poster for Rob Zombie's Halloween remake/reimagining/reanimation/rewhataretheygonnacomeupwithnext? On one hand it could be really good - when my eyes first set upon it I really liked it. But then on the other hand, it could be really shite - after looking at it for a while I think it may be too cluttered?

I'm not sure! One thing I do know is that the long hair makes him look like some heavy metal groupie. Anyway. Below is the poster and below that is a poll. Feel free to vote. I have a feeling that option five is going to be popular though.

[Click to see Michael in all his glory]

(this is also a test to see whether I should bother doing polls in the future. if enough people vote I will, if not then i hate you all... well, not really)


Barry said...

I voted its great :) Very eerie and creepy

J.D. Judge said...

It's mehish. I'm definitely not seeing this anyway, so why should I even care...?

Paxton Hernandez said...

I'm enthusiastic about the movie but the poster looks like shite (Glenn dixit) hehe.