June 13, 2007

The Weinsteins are Equal Opportunists!

Two pieces of news regarding films I've discussed (Rogue) before (Grindhouse), both of which are being distributed by The Weinstein Co. and their devilish minions. Let it be known that the Weinstein brothers are equal opportunists when it comes to fucking around filmgoers. On the matter of Grindhouse came word, after it's disappointing threatical showing in April, that Death Proof and Planet Terror will be seperated around the world, effectively robbing us not only of a special moviegoing experience, but also of the extra $11 it's gonna cost to see the second movie (neither of which have release dates in Australia, thank you very much Harvey).

But, as I said, never one to rest on his laurels, Harvey has decided to fuck over Americans too (courtesy, JoBlo) with the DVD release. The DVD will not be of the movie that was shown in cinemas around the country (that'd be Grindhouse). No. The DVD will be a release of Quentin Tarantino's half Death Proof and that's it. Robert Rodriguez' Planet Terror is being shafted and won't be released on DVD until a later date.

Isn't that just crazy? I mean, is it really gonna hurt the Weinstein's that much to release Planet Terror too as a seperate release, even. Absolutely amazing that they have such contempt for moviegoers. If anything, a Grindhouse release should work better on DVD if many many bloggers/industry types/journalists are to be believed that the reason for Grindhouse's low box office was due to it's "excessive" length. Ugh. Anyway.

Second on the Weinstein's flag waving for equal oportunity mission is the release of Rogue. I didn't mention it on here but I told Ja over at My New Plaid Pants and he told of the news that the Weinsteins are waiting to see how well Greg McLean's anticipated Wolf Creek follow-up Rogue does in Australian release to then decide whether it should go wide, limited or straight-to-DVD for America.

Aren't you guys just so lucky?

I know I will be seeing Rogue and I don't see why it should flop here (I'm sure it'll be on the five or so Aussie flicks this year that actually gets an audience), but if it does and America (and everywhere else? Not sure) misses out then feel free to blast away like I did in relation to Grindhouse.

Nevertheless, the extremely long wait is over for new material in regards to Rogue. We've only seen about seven images online over the last two years. Now, over at Fangoria (via JoBlo) comes the trailer for the movie!!!! It's just under a minute long so you may be thinking it not much of a trailer, but they essentially cut out all the traditional "setup" stuff and jump straight into the action horror of a crocodile river feast. So good to see people like Radha Mitchell and Sam Worthington there. I can't wait.

Because the trailer doesn't come with an imbed option (and it's not available on YouTube or Daily Motion as far as I can tell) I took some screencaps for y'all. Enjoy the carnage if you can.

How picturesque... Greg McLean should direct a tourism commercial!

Radha Mitchell looks confused

Green murky water = scary

What is that man doing in the river at that time of night. He'll catch a cold!

This is no time for fun and games!

Sam Worthington = Bloody sexy, alright!

That's Stephen Curry. His character has a video camera. The character with the video camera pretty much always dies early. Sorry Stephen. I hear you were good in The King though!

That's gotta hurt!

It's like a horrendous before and after, isn't it?!

The only problem with Jaws? SHARKS AREN'T AMPHIBIOUS! Thus, this is bound to be automatically better.

We already know that person in the yellow Hawaiian shirt (ugh) dies. So long, pal.

So just a little scratch then, really.

Arial Black Bold font is so scary, y'all!

Anyway, I'm pumped. Now all we need is an official poster and for August 30 to roll around.


Paxton Hernandez said...

First of all, Fuck the Weinsteins!

Second, this Rogue looks like Primeval, the only difference is that is set in Australia. Is it about a killing alligator?

And third, hahahaha, love the comments on the pictures hahaha = D

Ali said...

Nothing surprises me with the Weinsteins anymore. Really.

Does that mean the fake trailers will be included on the Death Proof DVD? Or on the non-existent Planet Terror edition?

Honestly, how difficult would it be for them to just release a bare-bones version with the theatrical cut? After that, then they can make all the goofy cuts/editions they want.

Well, they're just encouraging people to download movies with these mixed signals. Their loss. Literally.

Adem IAR said...

The whole Grindhouse saga pisses me off greatly. I just want to see this fucking movie!! And yet I still refuse to download a filmed-in-the-cinema copy of it to quench my thirst. You just cannot do that to something Tarantino has put his name to (unless it is Hostel.)