June 7, 2007

Miss Priscilla

Let us take a moment to remember one of the Academy's finest moments, shall we?

Honestly though, how bonkers is Lizzy Gardner? And if the Academy wants to make the runtime of their show shorter how about cutting the annoying category descriptions? People want to hear the winners not the random celebrity they doled out huffing and puffing through a script about how sound designers should be seen as just as important as directors and actors. Yawn. Anyway. LOVE IT! I might go watch Priscilla right now actually.


rural juror said...

That clip will be taken down soon....damn AMPAS

Letterman.....just, sigh

Kamikaze Camel said...

I know. I was surprised to see it there in the first place. It's been up since October last year though, apparently so maybe it'll just slip through their system.