June 16, 2007


When I discussed Australian female soap stars the other day I briefly mentioned Holly Valance. However, I had forgotten entirely that Valance has now gone back to acting full time (after appearing on Neighbours for several years).

She was one of the stars of last year's hilariously titled DOA: Dead or Alive, which is only now getting an American release (how bizarre). I remember there being in interview with Valance at the time of it's release last year in which about half was dedicated to discussing the challenges of putting on a bra in slow motion while trying to flick towels and utilise a shotgun (which you guys can view here if you so wish. She was also on popular television series Prison Break playing, I assume from the commercials (I don't watch that show out of principal), some sort of East European villainess. She was even on Entourage, another show I don't watch (because it's on Pay TV) as well as also having a role in a new Liam Neeson film called Taken.

Valance also had a much, ahem, discussed music career, the highlight of which was most definitely her song "State of Mind", which you can watch the video of below. I don't, for a second, believe Valance has ever really listened to The Ramones let alone be enough of a fan of them to wear a Ramones t-shirt, but whatever. As a musical artist she was sort of a load of tosh, but the song was/is totally amazing and, quietly, the album was quite good as those things go. That's the thing about pop music though. Even if you're not the greatest in the world you can still have songs that are. And then there are artists who the world keeps bowing down to despite the fact that they've, essentially, been releasing the same tune with different lyrics for the last decade. Oh well.


Adem IAR said...

You'll be pleased to know that when Holly was asked in an interview about her Ramones t-shirt, she refreshingly said "I have no bloody idea who they are. I just thought the top was hot."

I miss her.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Hah, nice quote.

I've gotten back into Holly's State of Mind CD again and it really is quite good, isn't it? If it was released by Kylie it would've been a big hit. Alas, we've lost her forever it would seem.

Adem IAR said...

There was talk at one stage she was considering coming back to it, but then she got the Entourage thing and kind of gave it the flick (BOOM TISH.) "Desire" should have been a single, that is one mighty song.

Have you ever seen her performance of "Curious" on Des & Mel? Youtube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=0tna8prP2gM

It's hilarious. My best friend Ben & I have labeled it "Holly & The Dancing Idiots." One minute in is when it gets great.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I love the camera pans out and all of a sudden there's all these extra silver jumpsuit wearing idiots.


Adem IAR said...

I actually have the performance on DVD somewhere... it's even better in high def.