June 22, 2007

13 Thoughts About Ocean's 13

I'm a little bit worse for wear today (too much alcohol, too many cigarettes, too much dancing) but I told myself I had to crawl out of bed and stop watching The Closer episodes on DVD and to have a shower and wake myself up. Now that I am I present to you seven pros and six cons about Ocean's 13, which I saw last weekend.


Scott Caan and Casey Affleck - Somebody give these guys a spinoff or a sitcom where Caan is the lovable slob and Affleck is his finicky, but well-meaning best friend. Caan makes pizzas at his father's pizza place (constantly resulting in hilarious ethnic comedy gold) while Affleck has just finished law school and is trying to become a high powered lawyer. Can they get along? Will it end in tears? Will it win an Emmy? I say YES!

Mexico - I know it's just an extension of the above, but any scene in the Mexican factory was a riot. Seriously. SPINOFF! (okay, not seriously, but you catch my drift.)

Oprah - Because me and my movie-going friend Georgie both turned to each other and went "I've seen that episode!" The one where the woman has, like, 43 kids and so Oprah gives them a house and such. It was pretty awesome.

Ellen Barkin - She's totally bonkers, but she's a hoot.

The Heist - Once it really gets into motion is delightfully entertaining, much like in Ocean's 11. But definitely not like Ocean's 12. I always like seeing (in anything like this) how all the pieces are going to fit together and such. I'm one of those people that likes the "a ha!" moment when you notice something that most people probably caught onto scenes back. But, whatever, y'all don't know me.

The cinematography - "Peter Andrews" always does great work and he does a great job with the widescreen canvas. Loved the shots against the deep blue night sky.

Vincent Cassell - No reason why exactly. I just like looking at him.


George and Brad - They're sleepwalking to the nth degree. Perhaps it was a deliberate attempt to try and get more people to focus on the peripheral character (like, possibly, Affleck and Caan?) but that still doesn't mean they have to look as if they're just biding time between margaritas between takes.

Some of the first half - Much like the one above, it felt like the movie was cruising for a while on the uber-ness of the film itself. Like they were all just making it up as they went along. I'm all for movies to look like the cast was having loads of fun, but when they're having loads of fun off camera it sometimes means they're not as "on" when they're on camera. Get it?

Bernie Mac - The one problem with ensemble films such as this is that they make casting based on who's hot at the time and I guess Mac was popular for a while back in 2001 (hard to believe, but true) which means we have to continue watching him. It's not entertaining, nor will he ever be.

The Godfather jokes - I liked Caan and Affleck playing a characters called Turk and Virgil (as in James Caan's "Virgil the Turk"), but geez, it seemed they shoved half the Godfather dialogue into the film and other references to the films what with Caan, Garcia and now Pacino in on it too.

Bernie Mac - Nope. Still don't like him.

Thirteen - There weren't thirteen members of the plan. Ugh.



rural juror said...

Thank you...thank you so much.

Why get up? Brenda Lee Johnson has cases to solve....god I love that show.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I've already seen season one twice (when it was on TV and again when I purchased the DVD). I'm not sure why this procedural drama makes me wanna watch it over and over again, but damn, it's so addictive. If they'd hurry up and release the second season I could watch that.

Amazon here I come, perhaps

rural juror said...

they released the 2nd season over here already....more greatness