May 3, 2007

Well Played, Poster: Bug

I figured, why just keep you informed on all the horrendous movie posters that are out there when there are plenty of amazing posters too. I thought I'd look firstly at the new poster for William Friedkin's Bug. I don't know exactly what it is, but something about this poster is incredibly unsettling and it's freaking me out. That seemingly innocent image of star Ashley Judd, but then the shadows are actually creating a second face. And, omg, look at the eye.

This poster is giving me the creeps, which from what I've heard about the play it is based on, it exactly how I should be feeling. I am instantly interested and anticipating this film now, which is exactly what a poster should be doing, and not just showing you a cast member standing somewhere anonymous.

And that tag line is quite amazing.


On it's own that tag line wouldn't really be much, but with that image of Judd and the mysterious face, it just adds more to the creepiness.

I love this poster. I could have done without the Oscar-baiting quotes, though, but I guess that's only a minor frustration. Bring on Bug, I say.


Judge ヨセフの学部長 said...

God, that's great. And I've heard nothing but raves from people who've seen it. Can this finally be's Judd's nomination? It's not from paramount or have Morgan Freeman in it, so maybe. And I just saw a TV spot for it, and I assume it's opening smaller then growing, since it's up against At World's End that weekend. I remember I saw the trailer for it when it was still scheduled for 2006 and it scared the crap out of me! I heard it was off-Broadway, but I didn't know it was horror! Something about that doesn't sound right though. And yes, that tagline is excellent.

Dave said...

I. Love. This. Film. So. Much.

Fantastic poster, although the blueness reminds me of 'Poseidon' for some reason.

I can't wait to see it again. It scared the living shit out of me.

Paxton Hernandez said...

It's a gorgeous image indeed. Good and disturbing use of lighting. YEAH.


Special request: Glenn, what do you think of the posters for the upcoming Hostel II?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Bruno, my thoughts are... zzzz.

Sorry, fell asleep there just thinkin' 'bout it.


I don't particularly like Eli Roth as a person, nor do I care for his films, and the Hostel posters just kind of scream of desperation (much like the Saw posters do). But, I know you're a fan so I won't keep prattling on...