May 5, 2007

RIP Brad McGann

Damn! I didn't expect that. Brad McGann died this week from cancer. He is most well-known to me and most people as the director of the amazing New Zealand film In My Father's Den - one of the very best NZ films I believe. I've written about it before. I praised it's stars, but I didn't mention that McGann was a very worthy sixth or seventh place in my Best Director charts that year for Den. That's sad. Much worse than the death of someone getting on in years who had plenty of success. At least we'll always have In My Father's Den, I suppose. The incredibly successful and well-made film should immediately jump to the top of your DVD queues.

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par3182 said...

it's taken me a week to reply to this post 'cause i'm such a freakin' mess

i had a longstanding, strange and tortured love for brad mcgann - he was truly the most fascinating/frustrating man i've ever met

he was a great talent - his writing, his drawing, his film making, his conversations - all extraordinary

due to the fact that i loved him way too much and he couldn't love me enough i kept out of contact with him for the last seven years

so much wasted time...

rip buddy.