May 25, 2007

Helen Mirren is a Peach-Flavoured Glamazon

Glenn: Hi Helen.

Helen: Hello young chap.

Glenn: Can I just say I adore your dress.

Helen: Why thank you, sonny jim.

Glenn: Seriously. That dress!

Helen: This ol' thing? I just popped it on. It was this or trackies and slippers to be honest. I always have that last-second thought "I should just go casual!"

Glenn: I don't believe that for a second, but it's okay because you look positively edible. Like some peach-flavoured glamazon! Man, I love peach-flavoured things. I also love you.

Helen: Oh, pish-posh. Just because I'm wearing a divine dress, my hair is impeccable and my make-up is flattering, doesn't mean I'm better than people, even though I did just win an Academy Award, and a Golden Globe, and a BAFTA, and a SAG award and, well, I won every single award possible. I'm just like everyone else. I'm a simple English lass.

Glenn: I want to ravage your dress.

Helen: ...

Glenn: Even that potentially outfit-derailing broche thing. I want it all.

Helen: This conversation is over.





J.D. Judge said...

Uh... what was that Glenn?

(And she did. Deal with it.)

rural juror said...

Yeah...she did. very deserved

Kamikaze Camel said...

I'd be much more inclined to argue if I didn't just love Helen Mirren. She's a classy gal.

But, I just didn't think she was all that. But, meh, it's done with now.

J.D. Judge said...

As long as you say she was good, that's all I care about on that.

But... what was that? It seems like something that would be opening in 3 arthouse theaters in NYC and then become an agent of the devil and be aired on E! WTF?

Kamikaze Camel said...

I was bored and found that picture at Go Fug Yourself.

Anonymous said...

LOL: Actually I think that dress is more LEMON-FLAVORED (it is actually a light, butter yellow)

After viewing "The Queen",I have to agree with the previous posters - she truly deserved her Oscar and, no offense, but I believe a great deal of the backlash against her Oscar win is due to simple cattiness (MEEEEOOOWWWW!!!)

Kamikaze Camel said...

I don't think there's much of a backlash at all. I just really really really loved Penelope Cruz in Volver. Some of the finest work of the decade.

Anonymous said...

"I don't think there's much of a backlash at all. I just really really really loved Penelope Cruz in Volver. Some of the finest work of the decade."

I get your meaning - I thought Heath Ledger was letter-perfect in "Brokeback Mountain" but, I wouldn't go so far as to say that Philip Seymour Hoffman DIDN'T deserve his Oscar for "Capote".

I don't think Penelope Cruz had much chance of winning anyway, Helen Mirren or no Helen Mirren. Let's face it - if Mirren hadn't won, it probably would gone to Dame Judi Dench or Meryl Streep (now, THAT would truly have been an undeserved Oscar, IMO [no offense to Meryl Streep who I love madly but, come on, "Prada" was hardly one of her vintage performances])

Kamikaze Camel said...

PSH, as much as I loathe him, was my #3 from 2005 (after Ledger and Gordon-Levitt) so while I think Ledger's performance is the male performance of the decade, I don't feel that horrified that he lost.

But as much as I liked Helen Mirren and liked her performance I just didn't think she was anything amazing and special.

But, to each their own.