May 30, 2007

Glenn Sez: Kylie, Idol Singers, La Vie En Rose

Hi y'all! Glenn here. I got some shit to say so sit down and listen... or, casually glance over it?

Kylieomg! Everyone who has their toes wading in the pool of pop knows that the worst-kept secret for many many years is that Kylie Minogue is greedy. And I don't mean that in the dirty money grubbing way, no. I mean that Kylie is sort of notorious for recording way too many tracks for albums. Way too many that she (and us, natch) could ever hope to put onto an album plus singles and b-sides. Word is that Minogue, for her comeback album with the working title of Kylie X (which I hope they keep. It's fabulously retro and futuristic), has recorded something like 70 tracks... and rejected them all. Of course, some of the tracks are (suspiciously, if you believe the rumours) leaking out of Kylie HQ and onto the net. I can confirm that "In My Arms" is pop brilliance and if this is what she's recording, listening to and going "Hmmm, no" about then Kylie X is going to be THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME!!! I keed you not, if "In My Arms" were the first track to be released people would be shoutin', hootin' and hollerin' claiming it as nothing but amazing. "Stars" is also quite addictively amazing with a slightly more guitar-lead chorus. "Fall For You" and "Lose Control" are quite good too and would make perfectly adaquate album tracks.

Alas, they will not be on the album. They may not even be b-sides (and her b-sides can be quite good sometimes, hello "Made of Glass"). Man, I don't think rejected material has ever made me so jazzed about an upcoming project. Of course, the sneaky leaking of this material means nobody else can record it and release it (or, most likely not) and so those song writers who wrote them aren't gonna make a pittance. Oh well. If you can search these tracks out on the net (the place where music matters is always a good place to start I guess) then do so. They're better than Madonna's "Hey You"!

Likeomgdeangeyeromg!!!! Did you, like, totally watch Australian Idol Last year? Because, like, omigod, right? Dean Geyer is sooooo hot omigod. Like, I totally had to listen to his album, Rush for work and, oh. my. god. Guess what! Guess what! GUESS WHAT!! You'll never guess! Omigod.'s not that good. BUT, and this is entirely worthy of going into fits of "omigod!"s. He has a song called "She Comes in Waves", with the following chorus:

She comes in waves/
And then slips away/
And I wish she'd stay/
But you can't always get what you want/
And she comes in waves/
Here she comes.

...omigod, right?!

I must say though, I have mentioned many times before about my dislike for celebrity men to be all waxed and preened (or, obviously so I should say) so I commend Geyer for embracing his chest hair inside the album sleeve (open shirt, gents/ladies. but if you want the rest you can lookie over here or modfab did a collage last year). I didn't expect that from him. I know it's strange that I'm even discussing this, but his album is so incredible same-same throughout it's 12 tracks that pretty boy ogling was something to pass the time. Still, though, could the album cover be more bland?

Speaking of Australian Idol contestants, it came to my attention (and to my ears attention, unfortunately) that first season contestant and failed chart act Cosima DeVito is releasing a new single. It's titled "Keep It Natural" and it's quite ridiculous. When I saw the CD sitting on the desk at work me and The Boss joked about her not getting the message the first time around, naturally though, I had to take it so I could pay her out and get paid for it whereas here I just get the smug satisfaction of criticising it purely for the fun of it.

Oh! But it was totally worth is, actually, because now I've gotten the chance to here Cosima's desperate (and way too late) try at becoming some sort of gay icon. The dance remixes are utterly shite. So if they play this in the clubs and you see people dancing to it you know they have shite taste in music and you need to find someone else to pash.

Edith Piaf! Is she going to have the biopic-fueled chart resurgance that greeted the likes of Ray Charles and Johnny Cash in recent years? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But I must say I'm not exactly a fan of french music (outside of film scores I guess) but I figured I should take the La Vie En Rose soundtrack and educate myself before the film's release (which is?)

Things I can assume after listening to the soundtrack:

1. Marion Cotillard mimes the songs in the film because all the tracks are credited to Piaf. It's more Ray than Walk the Line on that account.

2. There is up to 11 songs in the movie. Out of the 27 tracks on the soundtrack, 11 are Piaf songs, 9 are score tracks (which are nice, but a bit samish) and 7 "additional" tracks, for some reason. Are these original songs? The album sleeve states they're just 2007 tracks (whereas the others said "1950/2007"), but there is singing on them? So... original songs?

3. Marion Cotillard is probably going to be able to pull a lot of cutesy faces.

4. Marion Cotillard is probably going to be the "exotic" choice in this Oscar season if early word is correct. Is Julie Christie going to be the Helen Mirren? Oh, it's too early for that... in depth analysis is totally scientific doncha know.


Dave said...

They're better than Madonna's "Hey You"!

To be truthful, though, most things are better than Madonna's 'Hey You'. It must be her worst song since... well, god knows. I hope that's not what her new album is gonna sound like.

But, yeah, I like the Kylie tracks. 'Fall For You' was my favourite, but 'In My Arms' has jumped it with that awesomely non-hyper chorus (I always expect it to suddenly speed up but it just keeps on the same level. It's awesome). Loving 'Lose Control' too. I was never a big Kylie fan but I really like the sound of this new stuff.

I'm both looking forward to the Edith Piaf biopic and not- I've heard both good and bad things. I was hoping it would be a bit different from 'Ray' and 'Walk the Line', but it seems to be the same film except in French and with a woman. Tortured genius, drugs, alcohol... been there, done that. But anyway.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yeah I've heard that too. Which is a shame. But, we'll see.

iio said...

Well, I have to agree with you on the fact that Kylie's songs are much better than M's "Hey you". Although, basically any song is better then "Hey you". Even the one I invented when I was 5 years old. The one where my doggie Codruta sang the chours. It was a great song.

What you did not say, and I was interested in finding out.. is your opinion on La vie en rose, the movie. I can't decide if I should see it or not. What do you say, should I give it a chance?

ShadowWarrior said...

I don't really like Edith Piaf's music, but I suppose that the movie will be interesting.

These pictures about singers and musicians always have a good story to tell.

Kamikaze Camel said...

I haven't seen La Vie En Rose. Just listened to the soundtrack. I think it's out here in a few weeks, at which time I shall be seeing it.