May 6, 2007

Channing Tatum is a Slave-Bot from Outer Space!!!

So, I was watching Step Up last night - story: my new DVD player is so good that it picks up scratches easily so I've had three DVDs lately from Blockbuster than haven't played, so I got a free rental and Step Up was all there was that I hadn't seen and didn't feel like torturing myself with the stuff I hadn't - and while I guess the movie was fine in the same sort of way that all those movies in the music-in-high-school are. But, I finally realised who Channing Tatum (Step Up's resident "hunk") and his weird box-face reminds me of...

Kryten from Red Dwarf! I've found Channing Tatum to be sort of blah. I mean, he's certainly good looking but he's not the kind of guy I typically find interesting (too jock, too generic, too plastic, too waxed), but there's always been something I couldn't quite put my finger on. I thought his head was like a box. All square-edged and his neck always looks really wide. But, yeah, I put my finger on it! He's Kryten! The slave-bot from that once-hysterical British comedy series. I know many of you guys would like Channing as your own personal slave-bot, so I guess it fits. Now, are there any celebrities that remind of the cat-in-a-human-body Cat or the holograph Arnold.

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