April 30, 2007

Must-Have Monday

New Feature!

Every Monday I will post two songs for you guys to download and listen to in their awesome glory. Some will be obscure, some not so obscure. Some will be old, some not so old. Some will be originals, some will be covers. I didn't intend to start off this feature with two cover songs, but I've been listening to them like crazy this last week so I thought I'd do them. Plus, one is (sort of) Madonna and the other is (sort of) Twin Peaks. Naturally, this feature will be patchy, in that I won't always do it. It's just for whenever I can bothered, I guess.

You may not love all the songs I post, but you should give them all a try if they sound even remotely interesting. I have good taste in music you guys. I'm a music critic for crying out loud! *looks around suspiciously …what? I am!

If you're a stickler for album art in iTunes then click the below images to see their proper size and then save them.

Ciccone Youth - "Into the Groove(y)"
Download Here

An offshoot of Sonic Youth, in the late '80s Ciccone Youth showed up with The Whitey Album featuring predominantly (all?) covers of famous songs. The most famous is probably "Addicted to Love", but my favourite is their cover of Madonna's 1985 hit "Into the Groove". It's what I like to call trash rock (guitar music that isn't at all refined) and it even features, quite illegally I might add, some of Madonna's original "Into the Groove" singing. It's amazing.

One-Eyed Jacks - "Falling [Log Lady Remix]"
Download Here

One-Eyed Jacks, from what I can gather from the few-and-far-between, bits and pieces about them on the ‘net, were some random band who, in 1991, decided to release an EP of remixes of the iconic track “Falling” by Julee Cruise. If you’re a fan of Twin Peaks then you will certainly know the song. There was a “Ronnette Polaski” remix and two versions of the “Log Lady Remix”. I could have just as easily posted the original Cruise version and everyone would be right as rain, but I thought I’d twist it up and post this version as it is also ace.

Anyone know what happened to these guys?

Thanks to SendSpace for hosting the files. If anyone out there is linked to these artists and wishes for me to take these files down and by all means shoot me an email and I'll take it down.

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