April 1, 2007

A Love Letter To My Home Town

Dear Geelong,

I hate you so much right now. When will Satan gobble you up and spit you out as the world's largest shopping plaza? Go punch somebody in the face and get back to me when you're not a breeding ground for desperate skanky underage hookers.

Love Always,



adam k. said...

Hey Glenn, I have ripped off your "When Bad Posters Strike" series for a series now entitled: "When Crazy Dreams Strike."

Have you seen those posts? My dreams are crazy.

adam k. said...

OMG, I just had this amazing idea that we should have some kind of joint blog endeavor and call it "Crumb by Crumb of Stale Popcorn." Haha.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Those names do scarily connect well.