April 25, 2007

Isla Fisher is Adorable and Other Cute Adjectives

I heart Isla Fisher (and she was in I Heart Huckabees, omg symmetry!) I'm so freakin' happy she's "making it" in the States. She was always my super-duper favourite as Shannon on Home & Away when I actually used to watch Home & Away - that would be the show where she played an "anorexic incest victim homewrecking lesbian". She was better than Melissa George who was on at the same time, but who is also "making it" over there. I remember being kinda sad when I saw her in Scooby Doo (although that may have to do with the fact that I was seeing Scooby Doo in the cinema), but since then she's had the afore mentioned Huckabees and she was super-funny in Wedding Crashers and she's apparently quite good in the recent American release The Lookout.

So, below are some YouTube interviews of her. One from Letterman that I saw on TV a couple of weeks ago, and another from 2005 on Conan. I also included a clip or two from Home & Away. Before and after, I guess. The first clip is very cheesy, but funny. Isla is so prescious. I love the reveal of the skeletons. These days the show is shit piled on top of shit, but I may have only enjoyed it back then because I was 11? Perhaps. The characters back then were so much better though. People like Shannon! Roxy (who was played Lisa Lachey, now on the tv show Heroes!) Angel! Pippa! Ailsa! Bobby (omg, remember when she died in that speedboat accident?!) Aah, those were the days. Enjoy.

I think there's something wrong with me... mentally.

I did tv commercials. I actually did a couple of soap operas. On one of them I played a anorexic incest victim homewrecking lesbian. And then the other one, I actually, I was in a bikini. I would go to school in a bikini. I would go to, ya know, work in a bikini. If I went to a funeral I would be in a bikini.

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