April 13, 2007

Grocery Store Confidential

So, I was working the closing shift tonight at my job and it was about 9.30pm and it was very quiet but I was serving these two women. Blah blah. This man goes walking through my checkout and I see that he has packets of what look to be Starburst lollies shoved into his pockets so I go to him "Excuse me sir" and he turns around and I go "Would you mind showing me what's in your pockets there?" and he goes to me "Are you the manager", to which I reply "No, but I'm going to call him down" and he's all "Fine" and then turns around and runs out of the store, jumps on his bike and rides away.

Thing is, the guy is a regular customer! He comes in pretty much every day (or, at least, every day I am there) and buys cigarettes and whatever else. Like... why would you steal from a store that you routinely shop at? Anyway, he was clearly caught on camera.

I've been involved with something like this before when two guys scammed a carton of cigarettes. I ended up having to go to court! I didn't end up having to testify against them though because they finally realised they were being idiots and that we had enough evidence against them. Crazy.

I mean, really. Starburst are nice and all, but still...

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