March 13, 2007

Xena! Rupaul! Mama!

Really. Do you need any more info? XENA THE WARRIOR PRINCESS IS RELEASING AN ALBUM! It's called Come to Mama and the lead single will be "Come to Me" featuring, amazingly, RUPAUL!!!. If you click here you can download samples of two tracks ("Come to Me" and "Let It Whip"). Be warned though, they're sort of the shittest things I've heard in a long time although "Come to Me"'s sample (it's only 1min 8sec) ends with a hilariously camp disco beat so it could be better than the Enya on prescription meds that the start sounds like. Check out the single cover and a poster for a concert she did. It boggles the mind. To quote a person at the Pop!Justice forum - "Could she have more hair?" I like to add a Chandlerism on that quote and make it "Could she have more hair?"

Below is a youtube clip of Xena herself on stage singing a song. It's hilarious. That woman who joins her on stage? GABRIELLE!!!!!! omg!!!what a pisser! Officially the funniest. Wow. God I hope they duet on her album.

Isn't this just the most bizarre thing? Like... huh? I'm so confused. It's hilarious though. Whod've thunk it, right?!

Lucy is also starring in an American remake of Footballer's Wives, which is possibly the worst idea for an American TV remake since Kath & Kim. I mean, freakin' FOOTBALLER'S WIVES!!!! If America was to do a carbon copy it'd be absurd like some Dynasty-esque melodrama, but the reason the UK version is so hilarious is because it's so real. Oh well.

I wish she'd dump the lame "Lucy Lawless" thing and go strictly by "Xena". I mean, I'd totally buy an album by someone called Xena. Wouldn't you?!

I still can't believe Gabrielle gogo danced on stage with Xena. PRICELESS!

"But that hair, I will never be able to forget it. It will haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life!"

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Simon A said...

Lucy Lawless was in a bunch of Battlestar Galactica episodes, and she rules in them. They even let her speak Kiwi.