March 12, 2007


So, I'm watching the OutKast musical Idlewild right now. It's really bad. Andre Benjamin can't act, sorry mate. Just give up now. The other one ain't much better either. I thought Idlewild was meant to be a musical, too. So far (it's over half way through) there has been three proper musical sequences. And they're sorta all the same. And the songs there have been are really strange in that they don't fit into the time setting at all. And, honestly, has Macy Gray ever been sober? It feels so uninspired. The costumes are nice but just look like they've been purchased as a real high-class costume shop.

Oh, and it featured one of my least favourite movie devices. The prologue that describes the main characters childhoods that really could have been said later in the film in one or two lines of dialogue. Why waste eight minutes of my time when one character can slip in a line of dialogue like "remember when we..." Yeah.

Here's hoping it picks up soon because it's really dire right now. Really majorly dire.

edit - It's worse! Now they've employed that oh-so-timeless cliche of the villains firing off thousands of bullets and not hitting their one single target, yet that one target shoots one bullet and hits someone. Ugh. And it's started throwing in weird camera tricks. And there's a silly rap song over the shootout. Terrance Howard is sort of unbelievably retched.

edit 2 - Ugh. Okay, now I'm just pissed off beyond repair. SHUT UP!! This movie just won't end. The typical climax was, like, 20 minutes ago but it's still going. I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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