March 27, 2007

Gay Music

So, is there any doubt that Mika is one of the most exciting new artists of 2007? "Grace Kelly" is indeed a stunner of a single (not many artists have a first single as brilliant as that). Time will tell whether Mika can turn into the Freddie Mercury of his generation, but it's about time that somebody brought the fun and the frivolity and the kooky catchy hooks back to the top 40. Too many wonderful British and European pop acts get lost in translation, but thankfully Mika is on his way to conquering the world. "Grace Kelly" has been a world wide smash (soon to be American too) so yay for that! Watch the video below. It, much like the song itself, makes me wanna get up and do a dance routine of cheerleader kicks and Star Wars lightsabre shwooshes. Make sense?

I knew "Grace Kelly" reminded me of another song, but couldn't place my finger on it. But then this song came on right after it and the lightglobe above my head burst. It's totally "Wig in a Box" from Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Mika and John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig) have similar vocal styles and the music is also very similar (camp rock with pianos with a big bombastic chorus). Enjoy "Wig in a Box". It's totally delicious.

Mika hasn't come out and said that he is gay, by the way, but there's enough evidence to support the thought that he is. He's currently saying he doesn't discuss that sort of stuff with the press and that's fine by me. At least he's not doing an Anthony Callea by constantly saying he's straight and then when it's appropriate (ie; somebody accidentally did it for him just as his album sales were lagging) do a complete 180 and say that he is gay. Most people already figured he was gay, but it's just frustrating when people such as him who could have clearly done so much (he was a contestant on Australian Idol) to confront homophobia only decides to "accept" his sexuality (what the fuck? He's had a boyfriend for two and a half years, so it's not like he's only just figured it out) when it suits.

Look, I'm glad Anthony has finally come out and all that jazz and I can understand his trepidation to do so when he was at the forefront of the Idol phenomenon, but that show was three years ago for him. He's released two albums and emassed a decent-sized fan following (hell, he has the highest selling single of all time!) But people have been asking him ever since Idol and his reply has always been a steadfast "No, I'm straight" and now that one of his idiot friends did it for him on the radio he's decided it's time to finally come out? It smells fishy to me.

So, yeah, I'm glad he's finally out, but just because he's gay and he's come out in the media and all doesn't mean he should be given a free pass like so many online bloggers do (like they do with Lance Bass, another fame hungry whore who only came out because he had nothing better to do and his boyfriend had a book to sell). No siree.

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Anonymous said...

just thought I'd correct a widely held, but mistaken belief, that Callea 'contantly denied' being Gay.

He actually only denied it when asked during Idol...since then and up until his outing, he consistenly refused to discuss any aspect of his personal life, including his orientation.

I recently heard an interview he gave on radio, wher the announcer asked if everyone in his close circle of family and friends had been aware that he was Gay and he said that most, but not all had been, and that he's called them before the newspaper story had hit...he also mentioned that he had had a difficut time coming to terms with it himself, so I can see why he did not want to confirm his sexuality years before.