February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Hot Stuff

I received an e-mail from Nathaniel asking to name my favourite celebrity couple. His Top 10 (oh yes, there was a list) included some great - Warren & Annette, Ryan & Rachel - and some bad - Brangelina. And of course there was the circus freak show that is Posh and Becks. Of course, unlike a circus (which I hate. DOWN WITH THE CIRCUS!!andmostlyclowns), Posh and Becks are sort of fascinating. It's sort of hilarious.

But, I've made no secret of who the real hottest celebrity is. I sort of really dislike Brangelina. They seem so holier than thou and their stupid wax bodies piss me off. And they're not even good looking. They were at one stage, but it's as if they lost every ounce of personality they once had.

No, the best celebrity couple, the sexiest celebrity couple, is Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci. I'm surprised they don't let off smoke whenever they walk anywhere. Branglina's faces would melt if they ever got as hot as Vince and Monica. So, more for my appreciation than anything else, let us look at a whole bunch of pictures of them.

Monica = Sexiest Woman Alive
Vinent = Not quite the Sexiest Man Alive, but damn close.

Mmmm. Those pictures of Irreversible make me wanna watch the movie again, but, despite not finding it anywhere near as bad as I expected (I gave it a B-), I don't intent to ever watch it again.


Ammonart said...

The only way i could get the Irreversible DVD a few years ago was in chinatown(in Syd). Being a region3 DVD it was heavily cut and all the interesting"parts"(esp in the first sequence in the club) were pixelated. So i had to go see it when it came to the cinemas here. It's the heaviest film i'm ever likely to see but there are so many outstanding elements that i'll probably revisit it again at some stage.
They have totally been my #1 hot couple for years. Check out The Apartment or Brotherhood of the Wolf to see them together in less volatile situations.

Kamikaze Camel said...

Seen Brotherhood, still need to locate The Apartment. They have a new one, as well.

J.D. Judge said...

Wasn't she Mary Magdalene? Hm. Thank god the church reversed it's stance that she was a whore or I could make a crack at her while I know who she is but never actually seen in? And wasn't there like a horrific and uber disturbing rape scene in Irreversible?

Kamikaze Camel said...

She was Mary in Passion and yes there's really bad rape scene in Irreversible.

Man, this post is old.