February 27, 2007

Supporting Actors

I have the Academy Awards on because I'm moving it from my Hard Disk Recorder to a DVD so the mother can watch it. It just got to the Supporting Actor category and I just realised 4 things.

1. Three of the nominees are bald.

2. I really don't like Djimon Hounsou. Like, at all. Not one tiny little bit. a) smile bitch, b) take off your damn sunglasses, c) what was with that rubbing your head thing while on camera and d) man, that Blood Diamond performance looks (and sounds) bad. I'm not sure I could even listen to it for a whole 2 hours.

3. I'm so glad Arkin won. Great speech too. He should've won a few years ago for Thirteen Conversations About One Thing, but this'll suffice. He was better than Murphy, too.

4. I'm reading over some the live blogs that were happening and just various sites and for some reason most are going "wow, what a big upset!" Do these people not follow the Academy Awards at all? Did they not realise that the Academy loves to honour old geezers in Supporting Actor! God, these people are silly. Sure, a slight upset simply because Eddie Murphy was the favourite, but it's not like (LOL) Djimon won or something. THAT would've been a huge upset.

Oh, and now the bit where Ellen gave Martin a screenplay is up. It's been done before but it's still funny. Martin Scorsese is so funny. Those weird shadow things are weird though. Like... they confuse me. They did do Snakes on a Plane which I can totally apreciate.

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