February 23, 2007


So, me and my two besties, for the last three and a half years, have gotten together on Tuesday nights to watch The OC. It was a way to make sure we saw each other at least one night a week when we were busy with school, or work or whatever. So, we loved The OC for, like, the first two seasons. Then the third was kinda shitty but we still watched it cause we had to and then the fourth season descended into lunacy at times, but was also an improvement over season 3. Anyway. Tonight was the finale. Aww, sad. It's the end of an era!

The finale was good. Had all that a good finale should have, really. There were a few minor quibbles, but that'll happen every time (unless you're Six Feet Under, in which case your finale is perfect and just... perfect). So, I bid adieu (er, I think that's spelt right. Right?) to The OC forever. Seasons one and two will live forever ("Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap in the second season finale = one of the best song cues). The show received a lot of flak for some reason (when even older critics said it was good some people dismissed it purely because it wasn't aiming to be the greatest show of all time and just gave teenagers what they wanted. SHOCKHORROR). Anyway. It's been great (sort of).

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DL said...

I actually still think that the first season of The O.C. is like perfect television and I can watch it over and over again. But I never bothered to watch an episode past season 2 - it was heartbreaking how bad it got.