February 4, 2007

Nothings gonna change my world...

...except maybe a brand new Julie Taymor movie. Fact: I loved Titus. I thought it was utterly screwed in the head and bonkers to the nth degree, but that's why I fell for it. Frida was more traditional with only brief scrurries of madness (that trolley car sequence? holy crap! if the whole movie had only been that magically insane...) but I still liked it.

And now comes Taymor's third feature film (she's also a Tony winning director and costume designer for The Lion King and IMDb tells me she's also won an Emmy. Fancy that.) Across the Universe. As it's name suggests, it riffs on The Beatles and how! Check out the trailer. I think I have a very strong candidate for "most anticipated". Just... holyjesus! I was a bit worried at work because I had heard it was actually a "musical" using the Beatles' songs, not just having them as a soundtrack, but then things started to kick into gear and... yeah, wow. Some of those images are just frighteningly awesome. I can't wait to see them on the big screen. Of course, it could easily be a disaster of epic proportions, but it would still be interesting.

Because I am such a generous fellow I am going to post a whole bunch of stills from the trailer, which you just have to click to see larger versions of (if you can't view the trailer then you still have all these to ogle). Taymor seems like she's definitely taking the ability to show everything through an acid-trip filter. Looks amazing.

So alongside this we have the Hairspray! and Sweeney Todd adaptations and hopefully (PLEASE!!) Romance & Cigarettes, plus I'm sure there'll be a couple of smaller ones that I'm forgetting right now. The movie musical genre could be really good this year or really not. I hope it's the former.


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I don't think I've been so excited and thrilled with a trailer ever since The Devil Wears Prada! Jesus, if not perfect that movie seems at least pretty to look at!! Gosh, I'm now beyond excited about it!!