February 11, 2007

I hate you Veronica Mars

Where do people go to download TV? I just watched the second series finale of Veronica Mars (No spoilers here Australian readers) on DVD and am desperate to get into the third series. I hate how this show hypnotises me. It's what I imagine Buffy the Vampire Slayer would have been like if she wasn't actually a vampire slayer and was instead a private detective. Or maybe Buffy could have been a private detective AND a vampire slayer. Although that would totally reduce the amount of time she'd be able to spend spying on people in her car and macking on hot Italian policemen (below). *sigh*

...wait, what?


So, yeah. There's still about 7 episodes left of the second season that's airing at the moment and I can't wait that long to get into the third season (and that's if Channel 10 just get straight into it like when season 1 ended). So, yeah, if anyone comments, don't say anything about the second season finale. It'll ruin it for us lowly Australians who have to wait yet again. We're accustomed to it though. I really wanna find out what Cordelia Kendell is up to.

BTW, how fucked up is it that Kristen Bell has never been nominated for an Emmy or even a Golden Globe (how they love their bright young debutants). Like... huh? Possibly the best performance on television this decade and she gets nada except for some Satellite nominations. If I were her (if I were her!) I'd feel royally ripped off. I suppose they're too busy oohing and aahing over someone like Patricia Arquette who just mumbles and staggers around in a daze on Medium? Yeah... that's it...

I hope Logan isn't such a dick in the next series. It really grates on my nerves. And I love that all the characters on Veronica Mars have pages on Wikipedia. "Veronica Mars is the fictional lead character on The CW television series, Veronica Mars, which debuted on UPN during the fall 2004 season. She is portrayed by Kristen Bell." teehee. And even though it doesn't look a thing like Veronica Mars, how awesome is the poster below! I just wish that, ya know, Veronica didn't look like Clea DuVall or someone.

And, yes Ja, Kristen could indeed turn a blind gay man straight. Or, at least something akin to "bisexual". God, she's hot.


Simon A said...

Check your email. The kamikaze_camel one.

Is there a bigger version of that poster anywhere?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Thanks Simon, I got the e-mail. By now you've probably received my reply.

I don't know about the poster. I just searched for "veronica mars" on google image and it came up a couple of pages into the search. I'm sure there's a bigger one somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Veronica Mars is my 2nd favourite show on TV right now. In Canada, it's well into the 3rd season.

So Glenn, you have seen the whole second season right?

Kamikaze Camel said...

Yes, I have, but most of Australian viewers have not.

JA said...

That poster rocks my world.

Even though, yes, that looks nothing like Veronica.

Oh Kristen.

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Kamikaze Camel said...


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