February 24, 2007

Australian Releasings

This is only for Australians who may be interesting in dates for 2007 movies. Of course, these are subject to change and not every title is listed, obviously. I've put Australian films in white. * denotes ones that I have an interest in. ** means I really wanna see it NOW. I love the contrast of the weekend of June 14. Teehee. Double feature, anyone?

March 1
Death of a President
How to Eat Fried Worms
The Illusionist*
Man of the Year

March 8
The Good German*
The Hitcher
The Host*
The Notorious Bettie Page**
Wild Hogs

March 15
Bra Boys*
Hot Fuzz*
The Last Kiss
The Night Listener
Razzle Dazzle*
Sixty Six

March 22
Freedom Writers
The Hills Have Eyes 2*
Reign Over Me*
School for Scoundrels

March 29
Becoming Jane*
The Lives of Others**
Meet the Robinsons
Mr Bean's Holiday
Running with Scissors

April 5
Alpha Dog
Are We Done Yet?
Happily N'ever After
The Namesake*
The Singer
Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtles*

April 12
Burke and Wills*
Curse of the Golden Flower*
Stomp the Yard
Tales from Earthsea

April 19
Copying Beethoven
Grind House**
Paris, Je T'aime*
Perfect Stranger

April 25
Half Nelson*
The Kingdom
The Number 23
The Reaping

May 3
The History Boys
Into Great Silence
The Science of Sleep*
Spiderman 3*

May 10
28 Weeks Later*
Black Snake Moan**
Deliver Us from Evil*
Lucky You

May 17
Reno 911: Miami

May 24
Orchestra Seats
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End*

May 31
The Marine

June 7
Amazing Grace
Blades of Glory
Ocean's Thirteen*
The Banquet*
No Country for Old Men

June 14
Shrek the Third
Hostel II

June 21
Bridge to Terabithia
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

June 27
Dr Plonk*

June 28
Evan Almighty

July 2

July 5
Jailhouse Dog

July 12
The Flying Scotsman
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix*

July 19
Live Free or Die Hard

July 26
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
The Simpsons Movie*

August 2
The Invisible
Licence to Wed

August 9
The Bourne Ultimatum**

August 16
Rush Hour 3

August 23
Hot Rod
Knocked Up*
No Reservations

August 30

September 6
The Invasion**

September 13
Surf's Up

September 27
Resident Evil 3

October 4
Brothers Solomon
Untitles Farrelly Brothers Comedy

((Not sure why there's a week missing? Don't I get anything special for my birthday?))

October 18
The Brave One
Michael Clayton*
Mighty Heart

October 25
Eastern Promises*
Super Bad

November 1
Bryan Singer's Trick 'R Treat

November 8
Joe Claus
Things We Lost in the Fire

November 22
Stop Loss
Vantage Point*

November 29
This Christmas

December 6
Bee Movie

December 7
All Lit Up

December 13
The Water Horse

December 26
I Am Legend*
Kite Runner*
Mr Magorium's Wonderful Emporium

December 27
Alien vs Predator 2

Obviously the second half of the year is scarse, so that'll be filled up with time. I wonder when these movies are out in America. Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

you get Paris, Je T'aime before we do. not fair... you must see it as soon as it comes out and write about it. Im dying for it.

Kamikaze Camel said...


We get something early?

Simon A said...

I'm effing dying to see Hot Fuzz. And I saw The Host the other day, in a Q&A screening. It was pretty great, and surprisingly emotionally draining.

And I have a Facebook friend who worked on Razzle Dazzle. I can't decide if I want to see it or not.

Blogger said...

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