February 26, 2007

40,000 People Slowly Stupified...

Yes, sometime late on Sunday evening (Australian Eastern Standard Time, that time hasn't happened for a lot of y'all as I type this) I hit 40,000 unique readers since I started counting. It's sort of unfathomable that that many people actually want to read me instead of merely hanging around me cause I'm dressed all skanky and you think you'll get an easy root. IT'S JUST NOT HAPPENING!

...wait, what?

Oh, nevermind.

I think what I'm saying is that on the good ol' internet we have a big massive choice who we actually read and I'm honoured that y'all read me ("ME?" He asks in a big booming voice as the lights shine on him. "Gosh...") Now, do as y'all a told and peel me some grapes! NOW!

1 comment:

adam k. said...

How do you find out how many individual readers you have? All I can find is profile views.

Also, I loved the oscar ceremony. Kris Tapley thought Ellen was so-so as the hostess, but I thought she was totally fab. LOVE her. She should do it every year. And the actual wins weren't bad, either. Except for that Children of Men loss. That hurt. But there's one of those every year. At least this time it wasn't f***ing CRASH beating BBM.