January 11, 2007

Weird HomoPolitix

It's weird, ya know? Like, I have no trouble reidentifying myself with people like Heath Ledger, Jake Gyllenhaal, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Felicity Hoffman and most other people who played gay characters in films. I have no problem watching people like Rupert Everett play straight characters (well, back when he did play straight characters). And then there's some people where it's like "No!" Take for instance Justin Kirk on Weeds. It's weird watching the guy from Angels in America play a womanising sorta-sleaze. And then there's Anne Heche. I was watching the adorably adorable Men in Trees last night (I'm a sucker for person-from-big-city-moves-to-small-town-and-realises-they're-better-off subgenre - hi Cars!). It stars an adorably adorable Anne Heche (I loved her when she had short hair!) as a relationship councellor who breaks off her wedding and moves to the tiny Alaskan town of Elmo to write her new book but, obviously, falls in love with the way of life and all that jazz. It's predictable, it's safe, it's standard, but it's cute and it's beautiful to look at and it's all very adorable.

But, I don't know what it is, but I find it weird watching Anne Heche do love scenes with men. I know she's married now, but last night when she was making out with the Mr Big character of the show (I'll give James Tupper one thing, at least he looks like he's never been to a gym in his life and that he got his muscle from chopping wood and hammering nails and carrying 2x4s across the yard... *sigh*) and I was all "But... but... you were in love with ELLEN!!" It's a strange thing. She was straight before Ellen and she's straight now, but... I dunno. Anyway. I think the point is that Men in Trees is adorable and perfect Summer viewing and I prefer Anne Heche as a lesbian with short hair. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Ha, right there with you. Every time I see Anne in a compromising position with a gentleman -- whether that be a hubba-hubba like Alaska Jack or a creepy adolecent reincarnate like the boy in 'Birth' -- it's jarring in an Ellen-flashback kind of way. (Loved her with short hair too!) Now, that said, Anne is a terrific actress on a very cute TV show who deserves more success. I wish her better roles in mainstream movies. Make it happen, Hollywood!


Kamikaze Camel said...

Oh god. Anne Heche in Birth!!

I'm not gonna be able to think straight all day!