January 11, 2007

Some more obsessing on Inland Empire

How come I hadn't seen this European trailer? It's better than the American one I saw, and it's much clearer because it's in HD and not YouTube quality. God, this movie looks so strange I need it now. That bit with the record player and the woman's face...? Man oh man. And Laura Dern really is pulling out all the stops on her wacky face tour, ain't she?

Now, I'm gonna go cook dinner.


RC said...

i look forward to when you can see this film so you can stop obsessing about it.

Ali said...

I'm not excited as you are seeing as I'm not really a Lynch devotee, but I'm sick of waiting as well. I wish the release was a little more inclusive; it's not fair to just release it in a few locations in America, even if he is distributing it himself. I'm sure he knows he has fans across the globe.

Now I know how you feel 95% of the time, Glenn.

Kamikaze Camel said...

At least Canada will get the movie period. I have a feeling in order to see this movie I'm going to have to buy the DVD. The self distribution thing isn't gonna help people outside of North America I fear.