January 9, 2007

Look this way

You New Yorkers and Los Angelites (is that what you're called) had no excuse to not go see Sarah Watt's wonderful Look Both Ways. It was there, apparently (it's eligibile for Oscars!) It's sad you didn't go. I told you it was good! Anyway. As punishment you must watch the trailer a couple of times. Cause it's awesome. If for nothing else but to hear Justine Clarke's line readings of "...Skiing..." and "Everybody's fifteen minutes of bleh". She's a champ.

So, yeah. I had been thinking about this movie today and it saddened me to know it pretty much died upon release in America. It made just over $100,000 in America. How pathetic is that? Infamous made more!

Oh well.

Hopefully Jindabyne does better upon it's US release.

PS; The "Australian Academy Awards" mentioned in the trailer are the Australian Film Institute awards. Nice twisting of the truth.


richardwatts said...

Los Angelenos, I think they call themselves... and I concur, brilliant film, should have done better in the States. Maybe the fact that it's about death and mortality put them all off?

Aaron said...

We're called "Angelenos." ;-) (Of course, I live in Tallahassee now, so I probably don't even count anymore.)