January 10, 2007

End of an Era

Dear BigPond

I'm ending it. I don't think our troubled relationship can continue on in this way and it's been like this for too long. I'm test-driving someone new and I think I'll be happier with them. What Have I Done to Deserve This? Hey?

Love Glenn


I think I'm gonna dump my current online DVD source, BigPond Movies, and take up with Quickflix. BigPond have been screwing me around too long with their system (set DVDs at low, medium or high preference). I always seem to get movies that, while on my list and that I want to see, aren't the ones that I really want to see - the ones that aren't available at stores like Blockbuster. I don't like having a pick and mix type situation. Hopefully Quickflix is better. I'm doing a free two-week trial to see if it goes well. Quickflix is much like Netflix (infact I typed in www.netflix.com.au to the address bar and QF popped up) in that you can list the DVDs from #1 onwards. I have a small preliminary queue until my test is up and I decide to sign up fully. My #1 is Almodovar's What Have I Done to Deserve This? and then Hard Candy and Bound. I was sick of adding new releases (whether they be new releases like Hard Candy or just new-to-dvd releases like Bound) to my BigPond list and set them to High Preference to then never receive them and just have them sit on the list for months and months. There was really no point to adding them. I'm not sure who actually got these new releases sent to them as soon as they came out, but it certainly wasn't me.

So... yeah. Goodbye BigPond. It's been good. I've seen lots of great stuff because of you, but I just don't think it's gonna work anyway. It's not me. It's you.

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