December 25, 2006

Merry Freakin' Xmas!

Have a great Christmas. Or Kwanza. Or Hanukah. Or Festivus. Oprahnza. Chrismakah. Or whatever you celebrate (if you do indeed celebrate something). I merried in the New Year watching Bad Santa and boy, am I feelin' festive NOW!

By the way, isn't Christmas the only time of the year that anybody says "merry". Like, have you ever heard people say it outside of December?


adam k. said...

Hey Glenn, have you switched over to Blogger Beta? Or the "new" Blogger or whatever it's called. I f***ing hate it. I just spent forever creating a whole sidebar and the new template erased it. And all the new formatting things are very confusing. And my pic/text formatting in my posts is all off now. And I have to sign in with google now everytime I want to comment on anyone's blog or work on my own. Argh. I hope this will get better when I'm used to it.

JA said...

Xmas is so fetch.