September 1, 2006

Thank God it's Clip Friday!

There wasn't an entry of this last week Friday for two reasons. One time escaped me and I couldn't do one and secondly... well, there wasn't really anything worth putting up. But there's stuff this week!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning trailer
Y'all know my love for 2003 version of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (and, for that matter, the original, which is about as equally terrorfying) so it was with gleeful anticipation that I watched the trailer for the prequel The Beginning to load on YouTube. When it started I was a bit "o...kay?" but then R Lee freakin' Ermey showed up with his shotgun and I was as giddy as a kid in a candy shop. Thankfully this movie doesn't seem to be trying to "explain" why Leatherface (and the entire family for that matter) does what he does, but is merely using it as an excuse to make another movie (because the original remake's ending would've been hard to make a sequel from, I think). This one has replaced Jessica Beil (who was surprisingly excellent) with Jordana Brewster (remember her? from The Faculty and The Fast and the Furious?) who looks like she's getting down and dirty.

The trailer for the 2003 version is probably the best executed trailer I've ever seen. It just worked so well. It's use of sound was stunning, and they've done it again with The Beginning (love the clicking sound as the truck overturns). And whereas the original used "Song to the Siren" to such great effect, this one uses "Amazing Grace"! It looks from the trailer that this one isn't gonna be a carbon copy (well, not entirely) anyway. I was very surprised though to see a scene with Brewster at... THE DINNER TABLE! Y'all who've seen the 1974 version know what scene I'm talking about. In fact, it looks as if this scene could be a remake of that bit because there's the bit with the girl jumping out the window as well. Hmmm, we'll see. But I'm pumped. You can also catch the 1974 trailer and a wonderfully done mashup between the trailers for The Beginning and, er, Little Miss Sunshine over here. One last thing... the bear trap? OUCH!

Hugh Jackman performs at the 2004 Tony Awards
Really, is there any debate as to why I love Hugh Jackman? Who else could move so effortlessly between something as testosterone-milking as X-Men to singin' showtunes on Broadway? Seriously, give this man a screen musical that's good right now, plz. It'd be great to see a man up for an Lead oscar for a musical. Sure, we'll most likely have Eddie Murphy get a nom this year but people like Ewan McGregor and Richard Gere and the like all god dissed (I can't blame them for ignoring Gere). And, I want Jackman to have an Oscar.

Bobby Cannavale interviewed about Snakes on a Plane
Because I was all about Bobby Cannavale this week, I thought I'd link this clip. Sure, it has Bobby but it also has the dumbest interview I've seen in quite a while. This chick obviously doesn't know a thing about the movie. In space of 59 seconds Bobby has to clarify the same point twice!

Samuel L Jackson's had enough of the snakes, y'all!
LOL!!!! Unfortunately all the better quality clips are either censored (wtf?) or unrecognisable due to overly loud cheering. Dem snakes have a powerful effect over people.

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Emma said...

Heh. Love the Cannavale love. He was on Wil & grace re-runs all this week. So. Damn. Fine.