July 4, 2006

Who Framed Roger Ebert?

As you've probably heard already, Roger Ebert is in hospital. He's been in and out for several years now. He had cancer and such, and now there were complications and he's back in a serious but stable condition. Here's hoping he gets better soon. He's my favourite American critic, and the only one I actively seek out. He's a brilliant reviewer (always discussing the film, not just telling you the plot) and I find myself agreeing with him more than others. Of course there are times when I think he just doesn't get a movie (most famously, his zero star review of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I'm sorry Roger, but you're MEANT to feel depressed. It's MEANT to look vile, ugly and brutal. Your entire review is actually a big compliment to the film)

Some of my favourite reviews of his are the so-bad-theyre-good variety. How about Showgirls or Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction. Another favourite of mine is his 2 star review of War of the Worlds. I love it because at a time when I was having a hard time actually writing down my thoughts of that movie, I read his review and agreed with every. single. word. There is not one bit of that review I don't think is 100% completely true.

The movie adopts the prudent formula of viewing a catastrophe through the eyes of a few foreground characters. When you compare it with a movie like "The Day After Tomorrow," which depicted the global consequences of cosmic events, it lacks dimension: Martians have journeyed millions of miles to attack a crane operator and his neighbors

YES! While watching War of the Worlds I actually kept thinking about The Day After Tomorrow - that movie felt like the entire world was ending. This one felt like New Jersey and maybe Boston (but not the street where Cruise's ex wife lives!!!)

lol. Anyway. Get well Roger. We need you.

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