July 11, 2006

Unsolved Mystery

Will more people be enthused by Ben Affleck as Superman that they were by Brandon Routh? I mean, it won't make more money (although, Superman Returns is dying a fast, yet still quite gruesome, death at the box-office) but Hollywoodland could definitely be the superior film. I just watched the trailer for this movie that stars Ben Affleck as George Reeve, the original television Superman who either killed himself or was murdered. It also has Adrian Brody, Diane Lane and Bob Hoskins amongst it's Oscar-winning/nominated cast (along with Robin Tunney and Molly Parker who aren't as rewarded by the Academy). The trailer makes this film look mucho interesting. I'd never really heard much about this movie, but whenever I heard the name along with the plot (the mystery surrounding Superman) i figured it was some insider-Hollywood comedy featuring Ben Affleck in a ridiculous Superman outfit, but I am much more into it now. I'm not sure if they will be able to snag any Oscar nods (which they obviously want, putting all those "Academy Award Winner/Nominee" lines above the cast), but we'll see. Wouldn't it be interesting to see Matt Damon and Ben Affleck nominated in the same year again for ACTING. People seem to blatantly forget that Affleck can be a damn fine actor in more serious roles.

The film is directed by Allen Coulter (not the red head announcer from the Letterman program!), who has worked exclusively in television (Six Feet Under, "Sex and the City", "The Sopranos", "Rome", "Millenium", "The X-Files") so a period detective story mightn't have been his best move, but who knows. We'll see how it goes.

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