July 11, 2006


lol, that was the title of an article I read in the Herald Sun on Sunday. I really can't understand how they justify giving the film The Book of Revelation a $4.5mil grant (a large amount of Australian films are funded by the government) because seriously... who wants to see this movie? Great cast, but honestly. Plus, Ana Kokkinos' last film Head On wasn't exactly, well, good. The article is here, or just read it below because I think the article gets deleted in a few days?

$4.5m rape film
Kelvin Healey

MORE than $4.5 million of taxpayers' money has been sunk into a controversial movie that features a man being gang-raped by masked women.

Federal and state governments contributed to the confronting psycho-sexual drama, The Book of Revelation, but say they had no influence over its content.
The movie, starring Tom Long, Deborah Mailman, Colin Friels and Greta Scacchi, is about a male dancer who is drugged, abducted for 12 days and abused by a gang of women.

It includes highly explicit sex scenes depicting Long's character Daniel being repeatedly abused.

Simulated sex includes his graphic rape by a woman and being forced to masturbate under the threat of torture.

Censors are yet to see the film, which will be released in September. It is expected to receive a Restricted (R) classification.

It was made with more than $3.7 million from the Federal Government-funded Film Finance Corporation -- more than twice what it gave to critically acclaimed "Lantana", Film Victoria ($350,000 and a $150,000 loan), the NSW Film and Television Office ($400,000) and the Australia Film Commission ($5000).

The film's director, Ana Kokkinos, said it deserved public funding because it had social and cultural relevance.

"There is a lot of controversy that is going to be generated . . . (but) I think it is a film people should experience for themselves," she said.

Film Finance Corporation chief executive Brian Rosen said the film's funding was approved because it had "a very creative and highly respected team of filmmakers attached".

RMIT film expert and Hollywood-trained scriptwriter Dr Lisa Dethridge said the film was unlikely to appeal to mainstream audiences because the characters and their motivations were not credible enough.

Way to go Ana! Sounds like you've made a wonderful movie for the whole family!


par3182 said...

gee, that right wing rag the herald sun stirring up controversy? what a surprise...

adam k. said...

Is it really sick that I find this premise kind of hot? I think that's really sick of me. But it just sounds sexy to me in a really kinky S&M kinda way... I mean, it's not like the actresses are REALLY raping him...

Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that I watched Silkwood again and it's a solid "A" now. Great film. Altered the review somewhat. Also, did you notice the new quote feature at the top of each Streepathon post? They now track back to stop #1. The quotes are meant to encapsulate Streep's characters in each.

RC said...

That's really bizarre.

Reminds me of disclousure.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

Kamikaze Camel said...

This project could've been interesting if it weren't coming from Ana Kokkinos who bled all the sexuality out of Head On (and that featured Alex Dimitriades having lots of gay sex) so it'll probably be a grotesque freakshow like something Catherine Breillat would make.

And Par, the herald sun is right wing? NO WAY :p (I still enjoy reading it for some reason)

adam k. said...

Is Head On really not sexy at all?

I won't bother seeing it then.

Kamikaze Camel said...

It's sexual, but sexy it is not. Not at all.

I was so bored when I was watching it last year in fact that I mostly wrapped Christmas presents during it.

Anonymous said...

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