July 7, 2006

Meet Your New Academy Members

The Academy has announced it's list of 120 new recruits throughout the spectrum of filmmaking. These people (no matter what their age) have demonstrated their contribution to film and are, apparently, the "most exceptionally qualified" of those names that were submitted. Most of the actors included were nominees, as the only winner that appears is Rachel Weisz, so the other three must've already been members (I find it odd that Reese would've already been an Academy member). Anyway.

Here's a rundown of the list.

Amy Adams
Eric Bana
Maria Bello
Dakota Fanning
Jake Gyllenhaal
Terrence Howard
Felicity Huffman
Keira Knightley
Heath Ledger
Hayley Mills
Barry Pepper
Joaquin Phoenix
Ving Rhames
Liev Schreiber
David Strathairn
Rachel Weisz

Not really much to comment on here. Hayley Mills! Hilarious. I'm not as angered by Dakota Fanning's inclusion as some people may think. I do hate the skanky manky mole, but she's definitely proven her worth as a movie star. The only strange thing is that she won't even be able to see half (or more, usually) of the performances that people will be talking about. I'm also confused as to why Amy Adams is a member, but Michelle Williams isn't? Their performances were equally praised and the quality of their non-Oscared roles are pretty similar (With Williams having an edge I think), so why wasn't Williams invited? Bah. I assume Paul Giamatti and Matt Dillon (the only other first timers not on the list) were already members.

Lance Acord
Paul Cameron
Cesar Charlone
Denis Lenoir
Wally Pfister
Roberto Schaefer
Sandi Sissel
Tom Stern
Salvatore Totino

Some great names on there like Lance Acord, Cesar Charlone, Paul Cameron and Wally Pfister.

Jacqueline Durran
Janty Yates

Jacquline Durran must've been the only costume designer nominated this year that wasn't already members I'm assuming. Odd though, because Janty Yates won this category for Gladiator - maybe they're far more picky here than in the actors section?

Werner Herzog
Nicole Holofcener
Gavin Hood
Bennett Miller
Mark Waters

I love that they judged Mark Waters as having proven his worth. Mark being the director of Freaky Friday and Mean Girls!!! Also, Herzog and Holohcener finally get in, while Miller and Hood are lucky ones.

Wayne Allwine
Mark Andrews
Steve Box
John Canemaker
Will Finn
Rex Grignon
Andrew Jimenez
Tim Johnson
Hayao Miyazaki


Harry Gregson-Williams
Alberto Iglesias
Dario Marianelli
Dolly Parto

Well... there's SOME new blood. Iglesias and Marianelli were two of the most surprising nominees in a long time (for Best Original Score) so it's great to see them there and DOLLY PARTON! I Heart Dolly Parton.

Noah Baumbach
Jeffrey Caine
Jean-Claude Carrière
Dan Futterman
Tony Kushner
Bobby Moresco
Josh Olson

Interesting that Futterman is a member of the writers branch! Great to see Carriere on there, so too Kushner, Caine, Baumbach and Olsen. Blah to Bobby Moresco.

The entire list is here, including all the other branches.


par3182 said...

hopefully even dakota fanning should have enough sense not to vote for the likes of crash

Kamikaze Camel said...

lol, the only one she would be able to watch was Good Night, and Good Luck.

RC said...

interesting list...why do i feel like hayley mills and dakota fanning will vote on the same favorites?

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

JavierAG said...

Lol Glenn, great point on Fanning. It's an orgasm to see César Charlone there and (finally!) the awesome Jean-Claude Carriere. Good list, overall.

John T. said...

I also find the Michelle Williams snub awfully baffling (Giamatti, by the way, was made a member last year-I'd assume Dillon made it in the 1980s-weird that Gustavo Santaolalla wasn't made a member, though he of course could have been previously).

Vertigo's Psycho said...

Wow. Dolly Parton first scored a nomination for Best Song back in 1981 (for "9 to 5"); sure took a long time to include her.

It took a really long time to get Hayley Mills in- she was awarded an Oscar for Best Juvenile Performance (for Pollyanna) back in 1961.

I think acting nominees used to automatically gain membership (in her autobiography, Shelley Winters claims she became a member as soon as she received a Best Actress nomination for A Place in the Sun)- I guess the rules have changed, going by Michelle Williams' status. Thanks for the interesting list- now we know who not to blame for Brokeback's Best Picture loss (I just knew Dolly and Hayley weren't the ones responsible).

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