June 29, 2006

Ya Know What (Madonna)?

It's stuff like Madonna's version of "American Life" from her "I'm Going To Tell You A Secret" live album that makes me even more bitter about her never bringing her concerts to Australia. I've always been a fan of the song "American Life" (I don't care if it's stupid) but the live version from this CD (which was recorded from her Reinvention Tour) is amazing. The rock remix that appeared on her "Remixed and Revisited" EP was pretty crap, but the live version is so much better because her voice isn't as girly and it doesn't revolve around the "rap". God, that would've been a great performance.

Why doesn't she even release her tours on DVD? God, she's sort've selfish (duh, but that's why she's the greatest)

1 comment:

Cal said...

I can see how that must be pretty annoying. Selfish and arrogant she may be, but she's also the greatest solo artist ever :D